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Standing Up by Sitting Down


This week we lost one of the most prolific figures in American history and a true hero. Rosa Parks did what so many people want to do…she took a sit. But unlike most of us her action put her at great risk and led to an unprecedented movement of people standing up for the rights of others.

The Boston Globe remembers Ms. Parks this way:

It was Dec. 1, 1955, when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Ala., a city where segregation and racism danced freely and legally in the streets and blacks were supposed to sit in the back.

Thanks to Parks, who died at home in Detroit on Monday at the age of 92, the back of the bus has never been the same. Now people sit there because they want to or because there are no other seats. This change helped free America from its worst self.

As many people have pointed out, Rosa Parks made a simple decision that sparked a revolution. Let this be reminder to all of us. There are still so many causes worth fighting for, so many civil rights waiting to be defended by regular people performing simple, heroic actions. The world today desperately waits for the next Rosa Parks to take a sit against poverty, slavery, injustice against children, AIDS, homelessness, pornography, violence, racism, and gender inequality to name just a few. Where will you choose to SIT DOWN? What revolution is waiting for your spark? What will you be remembered for?

Baseball and Blogs


It's almost Midnight. I'm sitting here watching the 11th inning of Game 3 of the World Series and reading Adam Ellis' blog.

The Astros are hanging in there, and Adam's doing an outstanding job of synthesing the thoughts of Brian McLaren, Stanley Grenz and Rob Bell. If you're interested in a thoughtful summary of how these guys are challenging the usual views of salvation, heaven and hell---then check out Adventures in Following Jesus.

I may be a little insane. In just a few days I will see U2 in Houston, then turn around and see them again the very next night in Dallas. And even as I type this I get butterflies in my stomach. I begin to think back on the U2 shows I have seen in the past......Zoo TV in Texas Stadium- Bono sang Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" and I cried my eyes out.....Joshua Tree at Tarrant County Convention Center- I was 16 and all the doubts and questions I had about God disappeared for seven minutes as the boys broke into the most unbelieveable version of "Where the Streets Have No Names".....last May in Boston singing "All Because of You" at the top of my lungs with my beautiful bride by my side. I have waited expectantly with tickets in hand since spring for this week to arrive. And now that it's almost here, I am about to jump out of my skin. But, as I said earlier...I may be a little insane.

Word Verification


I've added Word Verification to the comments to keep spammers from leaving random comments about advertising and road construction and other bizarre stuff. Hope this won't deter you from commenting. Blogging has been such a great way to stay in touch with lots of people. Thanks for letting me know you stopped by. And please keep the spam in the can.

100 Years and Counting


The whole family headed out west to ACU's Homecoming this past weekend. It was great! I can't believe ACU is celebrating their 100 year anniversary this year. More than that, I can't believe we graduated (the first time) 13 years ago. Wow, time flies. We got to see some great friends, ate some outstanding bar-b-que, bought a new cheerleader outfit (for my daughter), laughed alot, and made some new friends with the current men of Galaxy.

It was a special joy to watch my kids play with Corey's kids. Corey's grandparents were friends with mine; our parents went to school together; we were great friends and roommates in college; and now the fourth generation has began making new memories. That is so cool!

I'll never forget the amazing years I spent at ACU. Fours years at a small west Texas college have brought me the most important things in my life----a beautiful, loving wife; the best friends anyone could ever dream of having; a vision and mission for my life (helping people discover Jesus); and a deep, passionate love for the God of all Creation.

ACU is a wonderful place.....100 years and counting.

Is God Really Like a Parent?


I heard Elizabeth Marquardt talking on the radio recently about her new book, Between Two Worlds, which looks at the inner lives of children of divorce. She made a very interesting comment in regards to spirituality. She said that talking about a God who never leaves, just like a parent who never leaves, does very little for the faith-building of children from divorce. Wow! We better start looking for some better metephors for God.

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