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Emerging Church of Christ??


For those of you, like me, with a Restoration Church background, more specifiacally the Church of Christ, please consider reading my friend Wade's thoughts on an Emerging Church of Christ. It's long, five parts, so don't expect to read it all at once.

I really appriciate the way Wade challenges those from this tribe of Christians to think outside the norm. If folks started catching on to this kina of thinking, I think a revolution (or maybe a revolt) could be forthcoming. However, I just keep wondering if a conversation like this, that takes place within only one (small) tribe of Christ-followers, is just too small. I'm not knocking anything Wade says at all. I am definately on board. I am just seeking a wider diversity of conversation partners.

I'll post some more thoughts on this in a couple of days.

God Loves You


Here is a beautiful passage from Brennan Manning: [thanks to Josh Stites.]

Several years ago, Edward Farrell, a priest from Detroit, went on a two-week long summer vacation to visit family in Ireland. His one living uncle was about to celebrate his 80th birthday. On that great day Ed and his uncle got up early. It was before dawn. They took a long walk along the shores of Lake Killarney and stopped to watch the sunrise. They stood side by side for a full 20 minutes and then resumed walking. Ed glanced at his uncle and saw that his face had broken into a broad smile. Ed said, "Uncle Seamus, you look very happy.""I am." Ed asked, "How come?" And his uncle replied, "The Father of Jesus is very fond of me."

If the question were put to you, "Do you honestly believe that God likes you?"-not loves you, because theologiaclly he must-how would you answer? God loves by neccesity of his nature; without the eternal, interior generation of love, he would cease to be God. But, if you could answer, "The Father is very fond of me," there would be a relaxedness, a serenity, and a compassionate attitude toward yourself that is a reflection of God's own tenderness. In Isaiah 49:15 , God says: "Does a woman forget her baby at the breast, or fail to cherish the son of her womb? Yet even if these forget, I will never forget you."
-Brennan Manning

What an incredible thing to know that the God of all creation knows me intimately and still calls me his beloved. Thank you Josh; I needed that reminder today.

Thoughts from Jim Wallis


Here is just one of the many bold and challenging quotes from Jim Wallis's book, God's Politics......

"Neither religious nor secular fundamentalism can save us, but a new spiritual revival that ignites deep social conscience could transform our society. Movements do change history, and the strongest ones are those with a spiritual foundation. Most important of all is the spiritual power of hope, which may be the only thing that can finally overcome our too characteristic cynicism. Hope versus cynicism is the key moral and political choice of our time." (p.7)

I think this stuff will preach.



We started this really cool thing last week called "liquid." I guess it's called liquid because the thing really is fluid and we're just kinda making it up as we go along. What we did was rent out a coffee shop in Colleyville for two hours each Thursday so kids could come and hang out, play games, drink coffee or smoothies, and maybe have some spiritual conversation. The basic schedule is show up around 7pm; grab a drink and maybe a dessert; find a group to talk with or play Yahtzee or Boggle or cards; watch a short Rob Bell film (Nooma); and then talk about the fim; close out the night by taking prayer requests around 8:30pm. It's short and simple, but really pretty fun. The first week we had 6 kids show up, and last night there were 12 kids that came. I pounded some Middle School kids in a frantic game of Boggle, while our Pastor played cards with some High School kids. After watching the film, there were some really great comments like, "'s great to know that God is always there for you," and "...God can turn bad things into good things," and "...some of our worst moments, may be some of God's most intimate moments with us." It was great hanging out with these kids; talking, laughing and sharing some encouraging moments. I am really looking forward to seeing them all again next Thursday night.

Going Lite


I just got my latest issue of Backpacker magazine this week, and I am again reminded of a very interesting thing I've noticed lately about culture. At least in the world of outdoor sports, namely hiking and climbing, there has been a significant move towards lighter and less. More and more folks are moving out into the wilderness with less gear, lighter gear and sometimes without any gear at all. I think this is fascinating. Not because I love the idea of moving lighter in the mountains and woods or the idea of making less impact on the wilderness- which are both things that I value. No what I find most amazing is that when consumerism and materialism seem to be fundamental in our culture, at least where I live, people choose to leave as much as possible at home to gain peace and perspective. This may just be a trend that the cultural architects need to be aware of. Or maybe it's just a fad.

Tar Heels Take It


Just finished watching the NCAA Championship game. Wow! It really did live up to the anticipation and hype. Congrats to Roy Williams for winning the "big one." Take a look, Mack Brown, it can be done. My bracket was blown to bits after the first two rounds, but this was by far the most entertaining tournament for me in the last few years. Only 11 months to go until March Madness.

Trying to Keep Up


Yea, I'm definitely behind on blogging. Thanks for coming back.

We had a great Easter Sunday last at Southlake 11:7. We continue to grow and meet lots of new people. My new friend, Joey Wright, was there to help lead our praise and worship time. Keith's message on Sunday was both inspiring and challenging. He challenging us all to get rid of past and junk and move forward with hope and expectancy. He also made some strong statements about what it means to be a Christian. One of the things I really love about working with Keith is how much he cares for people, especially people how don't yet know Christ. I am really praying that this will be a different kind of church; one where people will see the following Christ is about love and not about judgment, arrogance or selfishness.

I am really excited to be hanging out with my college roommates tonight. We are all now living in the DFW area and have finally found a time to all get together for a night out. These guys are amazing. We have had so much fun--shared lots of laughs and tears--and helped each other through good and bad times--over the last 15 years. I could never asked for better friends. I owe you guys a ton. I look forward to making even more memories the next 15 years.

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