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Spiritual Maturity


I've been thinking lately about the concept of spiritual maturity. What is that really? Is it when you are a life-long, card-carrying church member? Is it when you are morally right? or left? Is it when the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control) are evident in your life? Is it when you think of others more than you think of yourself? Baptised? Religious? Indoctrinated? Say all the right things at all the right times? Does it have more to do with knowledge or practice? Is it when you have spiritual gifts? Is it when you practive spiritual disciplines? Is it a journey, process, event, or decision? Is there ever even a time when one could say "now I am spiritually mature"? Or would that statement itself be immature?

I definately don't know all the answers here, but I do believe it is something that should be given some thought and discussion by those attempting to serve as spiritual leaders.

To Make You Go Hmmmm


I read this quote by Bono a few years ago and really didn't pay much attention to it. Recently, my friend Shane posted it on his blog. And for some reason this time when I read it, it really hit home.

"I have this hunger in me...everywhere I look, I see the evidence of a Creator. But I don't see it as religion, which has cut my people in two. I don't see Jesus Christ as being any part of a religion. Religion to me is almost like when God leaves--and people devise a set
of rules to fill the space."

For more on U2's influence on faith and culture, check on this article from Christianity Today.

Back On Track


OK, so I had a little trouble lately. I lost my motivation to write and I may have even lost my blog for a while. If you got here by accident, sorry, you were probably looking for something with a lot more texture. It's not that my life's not interesting, the last four months have been pretty crazy, it's more that I don't always feel like I have something cool or witty to say like those other "Super Bloggers." Here's a quick update:

I am still the Associate Pastor of Southlake 11:7. We've made it for over a month now. Not perfect, but trying. Hoping to be the kind of church that blesses people and presents faith and God and religion and church and Christ and etc. as a good thing to our neighbors and friends. My role at church includes leading praise and worship with a really cool band, setting up a youth ministry, helping folks get connected and adjusted to our church, and a whole heap of other stuff. I am busy, but having a blast.

My son turned two-years old last week. He has become a wild man. Shannon says that is my fault. I don't know why she would say that.

I took my daughter on our second official date last week to the "Daddy-Daughter Dance" at the community center near our temporary home. [Our first date was last month to go see The Incredibles and eat ice cream.] We had a great time at the dance with my friend Craig and his daughter. We danced, eat cake, made crafts and took a ride around the block in a limo. I think my favorite part was when the DJ played some seventies music and the little girls all went to sit down, while the dads shifted into John Travolta mode.

And, finally the big U2 news. Yes, I got tickets to the upcoming tour. I am taking my bride to Boston to see U2 for our tenth anniversary in May. And I'm pretty sure it will be "....oh, oh the sweetest thing."

Peace out. I'll try to stay on the blog track for awhile.



I have decided to fast from coffee, cokes and any caffine this year during Lent. I'm not looking forward to the headaches this week, but I am very excited about what I know God will do to further form me into the image of Christ as I prepare to celebrate Easter. It's wierd how depriving yourself of something can bring so many more great things into your life.

Fat Tuesday


Well, today is Fat Tuesday and I still have not decided what I am going to fast from during Lent this year. Last year I fasted from meat, which is historically what the early Christians gave up during Lent. Is was difficult and rewarding. Last year was the first time I had ever really paid any attention to Lent. I fasted (along with some other folks from our church), celebrated on Sundays (which means we ate whatever if was we were giving up), read some daily scripture meditations, prayed and prepared for Easter. I must say it was a great experience, and I am really looking forward to doing it again. I will try to post some more thoughts on Lent and preparing for Easter during the next few weeks.

Back to the question at hand....what to fast from this year?
My wife says that if I really loved God, then I would give up listening to U2 during Lent. Since that's not realistic (& I do believe fasting for Lent should be realistic), I've narrowed it down to:
Meat (again)
or chips & salsa

I guess I'll decide tomarrow on Ash Wednesday.

Super Bowl XXXIX Prediction


I just can't say anyting good about the Eagles. (I've never really got over their dirty play against the Cowboys when I was a kid.)

So, my prediction is Patriots 27, Eagles 17. And no wardrobe malfuntions from Paul McCartney. Good luck Tom Brady!

We are going to a party at some friends house with some young couples and a bunch of high school kids. Lots of food. Should be lots of fun. Our church collected $80 and some can goods this morning as a part of the "Souper" Bowl of Caring. Shannon did a great job putting that together and helping to focus our minds towards blessing others.

Rob Bell for Everyone....On the House


Rob Bell has got to be the coolest preacher ever. I am diggin' his stuff. I think you would too.

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