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Well, I guess you should know....


We are moving back to Texas. Probably sometime in October. Nothing bad about Tulsa, just wanted to get back home closer to family. Oh, and I'm hoping we can break that curse that keeps allowing OU to beat up on Texas for the last four years.

I am gonna need a job. Anybody got any ideas?

Back in T-town


We made it back from camp. This year's Whitewater Ranch was great!! Probably the best camp we've had in eight years. I am already psyched about planning next year's camp.

What is it about summer camp that makes it so great? The world could be at war, or in someother great termoil, but if I'm at camp, nothing seems to matter but worshiping God, hanging with friends, and having lots of fun. I think it's the only time all year that I can go a week without seeing a TV, hearing a radio or reading a newspaper...and not even give a rip.

Thank God for CAMP!

I Love This Job


Well, tomorrow I'm off for six days at Whitewater Ranch, an amazing camp for high school students in Ocoee, TN. I have been wanting all year for this week. And to make it even better this year, my wife and kids are going too. A full week of rafting, caving, climbing, worshipping and hanging out with a lot of great kids. ...I love this job!

Summer in Youth Ministry


We leave for Whitewater Ranch, our camp for high school students, in two days. Yesterday I was so sick I couldn't even get up. I decided to listen to wife, and I went to the doctor. Unfortunately, he said it was all in my head. A sinus infection. Got a shot and now feel a whole lot better.

But I really can't complain. My friend and co-worker, Shannon, has been in Canada for a week with our middle school kids; she'll get home around midnight tonight; go to church tomorrow; get ready for camp; pick up a van; do some laundry; take a brief nap; and then be ready to live for Tennessee at 7am on Monday morning. Hang in there, Shannon.

And we call this fun.

Hmmm... Honesty


I wish I could be as honest on my blog as some of the students I know are on their's. But first I need to figure out the answer to one question-- Which is more disturbing? Being honest about the profane or being profanely dishonest. As the merovingian pointed out, every choice comes with consequences. But I guess deep down I'm with Neo; I want to know how far back the hole goes.

Well, here's something interesting.
I think you should read this review of Fahrenheit 9/11. Hope it makes you think.

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