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John Hart will be leading the conversation this Sunday, since I will be training at Equip in Dallas. He will begin a discussion on fasting and giving up things. Have you ever fasted? Have you ever given anything up? Do you think fasting is a good way to connect with God? Bring your thoughts to class on Sunday.

Other Stuff:
~~The Gathering is Feb. 29th at the Voss' and it's going to be an Oscar Party, so bring a food dish that's connected to your favorite movie. We'll have the red carpet out and Oscar ballots so you can vote on the real winners. You can even dress in Formal Gowns and Tuxes, if you are so inclined. It will be fun and give us a chance to pray for those working in Hollywood. The Gathering is for everyone, so don't miss it.


Further Thoughts on Being Like Jesus

OK, so we've been asking the question each week in our high school class, "Do you really want to be like Jesus?" This has become a much tougher question as we continue to dissect various characteristics of Jesus. Even after you pull out all the "exclusively God" and "Middle-Eastern Jew living in the 1st century" characteristics, you are left with some pretty difficult things in regard to the Christ. Currently we are discussing characteristics of Jesus that seem to transcend time and location, and seem to be attainable for human beings. In other words, those characteristics that we really need to consider if we are to agree to become like Christ. And, no, these are not easy things----things like poverty, homelessness, being single, humble, others focused, bold communicator, kind to everyone, peace maker, and willing to die for what he believed in. No, these are not easy things. Let's talk about it more this week. See you Sunday at 9am. Peace.

Other Stuff:
Real World Bible Studies this Sunday night 6-8pm
~~Seniors meet at the Voss'
~~Everyone else meet at the Taylor's

Last day to turn in cell phones for mission trip fundraiser is this Sunday. C'mon, help us out!


Hail to the Queen

Congratulations to Rachel Carr, who was crowned "Queen of the Union H.S. Band" last night. May she rule over her instrumental kingdom with grace and mercy. What to go, Rachel!!


Heirborne is back!!

Don't miss Heirborne this Wednesday night in the High School Living Room. Come at 7pm for conversation and coffee; program starts at 7:30. Look forward to some great worship time together and some relevent thoughts from Brad. This week's topic will have you moving in "mysterious ways" and asking "please, please, please." See you Wednesday night. Peace.


I am feeling much better

Ok, so, yes, I was sick last weekend. Horrible! Trust me, you do not want the "chunky" details. Oops, did I just say "chunky?"

Thanks to Shannon for taking care of class last Sunday. We'll get back on track this next Sunday morning; looking at the question of what exactly are the characteristics of Jesus we are called to emulate.

If you missed it, Luaren Wilburn, a former Garnett high schooler who now attends UCO in Edmond, made a public confession of belief in Christ and was baptized on Sunday. I am so excited to see Lauren continuing in her journey of faith. As I mentioned Sunday, Lauren and I have had what I call a "spiritual friendship" for about three years. I hope you will all take a moment this week to thank God for Lauren. I also hope you will consider your own journey of faith. Where is it taking you right now?

See you Sunday. Peace

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