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Sad News

I am very sad today in hearing the news that Mike Yaconelli, co-founder and owner of Youth Specialties, was tragically killed in a car accident near his home last night. Mike has continually challenged me as a youth minister and as a Christian. Please pray for Mike's family and the folks at Youth Specialties. This is a sad day.

Read the press release from Youth Specialties.


I Can't Wait... see "The Passion," which is now been renamed "The Passion of Christ." I have never been this excited nor intrigued by a movie. It looks like Mel Gibson has found a distributor and the movie may open February 25th, 2004. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can get a glimpse at Passion-Movie.

Of course I'm also eagerly anticipating the release of Matrix: Revolutions and Return of the King. The holidays are coming and bringing great movies with them. Life just gets sweeter and sweeter.


Bono Quote of the Day [from]

"I just think celebrity is ridiculous and silly, but it's also currency. Spend it wisely. I'm probably at the outer limits of people's tolerance."
-- Bono, 2003

Also, if you are so inclined, you can listen to a recent Australian radio interview with Steve Beard one of the authors of the book "Spiritual Journeys: How Faith Has Influenced Twelve Music Icons". This interview is a great teaser for a book that seems to give a reflection of Bono's spirit and faith. The book also includes pieces on Johnny Cash and Moby, among others. Check out the interview on


Follow-Up to "The Healing Guy"

Well, if you read Stephen Zedler's previous blog that I mentioned on Oct. 3, then you will want to read Stephen's update. Great questions, Stephen. I appreciate your openness.


Slow Motion and Easy Listening

Why is it that time seems to slow way down at the post office? I just got back from mailing a letter and let me tell you the folks in there are on in a different time zone- one that moves at turtle pace and entertains the barely alive with the hot new hits of Huey Lewis and "...Do you know the way to San Jose?....." What's strange is that I also went to McDonald's today where a half dozen post-high schoolers where running like crazy to break the speed record for satisfying a backed up drive thru and a handful of moms and kids who all wanted the one Happy Meal toy that was already sold out. You see McDonald's understands my need for "I want it NOW!" and the post office, well, they just don't really care how long it takes me to mail my stinking letter. Hasn't anyone told the guys and gals down at the USPS that this is America, and we don't have time to wait?


Vending Machine God

Why do so many people in Tulsa seem to want a "vending machine God." I don't understand why folks think that God will do whatever they want when they "make a vow" or drop a thousand dollar check in the mail. The Bible does not teach this.

My friend Stephen Zedler says it like this:
"People, I am certainly of the opinion that we live in an age where the church does not expect to see miracles, and I think that's a shame, because the response has been that we have stopped asking God to demonstrate his power miraculously.

However, I have a problem with a theology that says that God performs on command.

God does what HE wants. And a theology that does not accept sickness, death, poverty, and other misfortunes as just as much a part of God's plan is misguided. God isn't going to heal everyone who is prayed over, because death is a part of life, and a part of God's plan."

If you want to see why I am so steamed about this, read Stephen's blog from Oct. 1.

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