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Went to my Papa's 90th brithday party last week. Gilbert Voss is truly an amazing man!! The Texas Senate even recognized him last week for outstanding achievements as a great citizen. Papa is retired from the Air Force, the trains, the grocery stores, Sears, and many other jobs. However he's not retired from fixing handles, raising a garden, helping people, being a spiritual leader to friends and family, and most importantly from being MY HERO! I love you, Papa.


For those Good Charlotte fans who are reading this, I thought this was an interesting quote from Benji:

"We do have a lot of faith in God, and I attribute everything we have to Him, but there's no way that either of us could do with going to church on a regular basis. We are not your typical Christians by any means at all, but I do try to do good by people. That's my religious effort."
—Benji of Good Charlotte in Blender

Pearl Jam is playing in Little Rock tonight; anyone want to go?


In the whole area of God's redemptive work in the world today, I found Chris Seay's (pastor of Ecclesia, in Houston, TX) quote in Leadership very helpful. Chris says,

I think most things in culture can be categorized in one of three areas. First is redeemed truth. Whether it's on The Sopranos or in a song by Cold Play, you say, "That's as if it came from Scripture." It's redemptive truth that's congruent with the gospel. Second are things with a kernel of truth there that needs to be redeemed. It's not Christ-centered, but there's something worthwhile. Third are things that of themselves have no redeemable qualities. Pornography is one example, so we throw that by the wayside.

You can read the whole article -Tony Soprano Sings- at


Ok, I just have to share one of the most interesting sites I've come across lately:

Check out the Adventures of Little Jesus.

It may just change your life. :)


It's been almost a month since my last blog. Should I just give it up and throw in the towel? I have so much on my mind that I need to get out onto this computer screen, I just can't seem to get caught up enough to find time to sit and type. I am very tired lately. And I can't even blame it on the three month old baby, he's actually sleeping quite a bit at night (sometimes more than six hours.) Go figure. I'm seriously thinking about dumping this blog because I'm tired of feeling quilty for not putting anything on it. Oh well, I'll thing about it some more.

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