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Well, I guess after three weeks it's time to update the blog. It's amazing that I have so much to say and so little time to say it. One thing I want to ask God about face to face is "what's the deal with babies sleeping during the day and staying awake (and crying) at night." I mean couldn't this be something that he pre-programs before birth. He takes care of the heart thing, the breathing thing, the pooping thing, but not the sleeping thing. Of course it could be another one of His master programs to keep us more dependent on Him. Even for sleep and energy.

Besides the new addition to the family (if you haven't heard we had a son, Judson, on Feb. 14th- read previous blogs for more info) the next biggest thing taking up all my time right now is looking for a new house. You see a week ago we put our house on the market on a Friday afternoon and then left for Piedras Negras, Mexico for a mision trip with our high school group that night. When we came back seven days later, we had a great offer for the house, so (sorry to everyone who still has a house for sale, but) our house is sold. Now we just have to find another home to move into before the end of April. Shannon (my wife) says don't worry- "God sold our house, and He will provide another one just in time." And she's absolutely right.

Thanks to everyone who stuck it out and kept checking back to see if I had anything new on the blog. You definately have more patience than me. More to come.


I'm back at work this work. Everybody is doing fine at home. Shannon is starting to recover from giving birth; Phoebe is learning what it means to be a big sister; and Judson, well for a little guy he sure has some serious gas. Not running on too much sleep right now (I think I got a total of four hours last night), but hey "that's alright, that's ok, he's gonna mow my grass someday!" Some ladies at church gave us a real nice baby shower on Sunday. There have also been lots of people who have brought food and diapers over to the house. All of these wonderful folks have made the first two weeks with the new baby so much easier. Glad to hear that my brother, Ashley, checked out my blog recently. Well, works calling, boy have I got alot of catching up to do.......

Three Episcopal priests (Raewynne, Beth, and Mike) are working on a project to compile and publish sermons based on U2 songs. My friend Wade Hodges has already submitted (and been accepted) a sermon tied to the song "Grace" on All That You Can't Leave Behind. From their web page ..."Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog, a collection of sermons which draw on the music of U2, will be published within the next year by Cowley Press. With a "works cited" list ranging from "Playboy Mansion" to "Sunday Bloody Sunday," from "Pride" to "Peace on Earth," we've received a diverse group of submissions highlighting how preachers of all ages, from all traditions, are reflecting on U2's work."
Check out their page (Get Up Off Your Knees) and maybe send in your own sermon.

My good friends Shannon Russell and Jason Jackson have started blogging. Shannon's blog includes some rather hilarious stories. Check 'em out.

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