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Still at home enjoying the new baby. Built a really cool fort today with Phoebe out of blankets and chairs in the livining room. We've gotten lots of snow this week, so I guess it's a good time to be at home. The baby boy is putting on about an ounce a day; wow he's growing like a weed.


My blog is up and running again, and for a mere $5, I was able to get rid of that unsightly banner ad at the bottom of the page. Thanks for coming back.

Judson and Phoebe and Mom and Dad are all doing well. I think Phoebe is the only one getting any sleep right now. I am still so overwhelmed with joy about having a son. I never could get Phoebe to wear camo, I hope I have better luck with Jud. Not doing much deep thinking these days. But one thing I just have to comment about.......

I think we have finally crossed the line in "humiliation entertainment." I can handle real world, American Idol and even the Batchelor. (Of course Survivor doesn't count here, it's one of the most creative, coolest shows of all time.) But ABC's new show Are You Hot is sick. Incredible looking people stand up on a stage letting just about everything show, and three "American Idol wannabe" judges use laser pointers and sarcasm to point out the physical flaws of each contestant. This is superficial and sad. Is this really want we've come to in American entertainment. Ripping great looking people apart to make ourselves feel a little bit better about our physical inadequecies. I know the best thing I can do is turn the channel (yea, yea I believe strongly in free speach and such), but I couldn't help kicking out a little rant about this piece of crap. To ABC--you suck for putting this show on TV. To all my students and anybody else who happens to catch this show by mistake and thinks that well maybe physical appearance really is important and should be given it's own TV show--- NOT! You are missed up, ugly and not perfect, and so am I, and so is everyone. None of us need someone to point that out. What we need is someone to remind us that God makes "beauty out of ugly things." He changes us to be like Him, heck we were created in His image, the glory of God. And it wouldn't hurt for someone to come along and let us know that they love us and accept us just as we are. But, hey who's gonna make a boring show like that. OK, so let me know what you think.


I'm at home now. We all came home from the hospital on Sunday night. My new son is soooo cool. His name is Judson Newell. Newell is a family name that has been passed down from my grandfather, to my dad, to me, and now to Judson. We picked Judson for a a couple of reasons. It's a form of Jude and Jordan, both named which have great significance in the Bible. Also, a guy named Judson was the first American missionary to a foreign country, Burma, back a couple hundred years ago. And mostly, because Shannon and I both thought of it on the same day, at the same time, apart from each other. I guess it seems kinda inspired. Here (Judson Newell Voss) is a picture of this beautiful baby on the hospital website.

I'm taking two weeks off from work to focus on the husband and daddy side of my life. I'm already feeling pulled to think about stuff back at work, but I'm looking forward to this time off. Hope to get to read, play with my daughter, play with my wife, change, rock, and love on my new son. I'm sure the two weeks will go by way too fast.

P.S. I have noticed that "dotster", where I registered my domain name, has attached an advertisement banner to the bottom of my page. I apoligize for this to all of those who dislike these ads as much as I do. You can access the same page without the ad by going to Thanks for viewing my site and always feel free to email your own thoughts and comments.


Well, he's here. That's right HE's here. I now have a lovely wife, a beautiful daughter and a wonderful son. Our new boy was born this morning at 7:38am. He weighed in at a robust 6lbs. 10oz. I will post more about him and pictures very soon. I am truly amazed. It was awesome to know that so many people were praying for us today. Thank you. Anybody got any ideas about what we should name this kid?


Last night was great. We begin our evening get together by inviting God to join us (I know this seems like a no-brainer, but I think it's better when we are intentional about it), and HE did. The time of praise and singing to God was authentic, the message was relevent, and students engaged in communal relationship with God and each other. To put it simply-- God and us, together, cool.

My buddy Wade Hodges, our new preaching minister at Garnett, mentioned me on his blog. Thanks Wade. I'm glad you're here.

Baby Update: Less than 24 hours and counting. I sure hope he or she doesn't come early, because the 90 minute premier of the new Survivor Amazon begins tonight, and, well, that might force me to have to make a very tough choice. If all goes as planned, we should roll into the hospital tomorrow morning for a C-section at 7:30am. I'll provide up-to-date info on the blog tomorrow.


Has anyone seen the movie 13 Conversations About One Thing? I just watched the DVD and would enjoy some dialogue with someone else who has seen this film. I’d say it’s kind of a “artsy-depressive” version of Signs, minus the aliens. What I mean is that this film asks many of the same questions that M. Night’s movie does. Like “is there something or someone behind everything or is it all just luck?” One of the great lines in 13 Conversations is “…faith is the antithesis of proof….” This seems to be paraphrased from Kierkegaard. Anyway, great film, very thought-provoking.

Baby Update: Not yet. Will we make to Friday?


The most interesting thing I've seen on TV lately . . . . . . . .
Michael Jackson's interview on ABC last Thursday.WOW!

Baby Update: Three days and counting. I guess it's time we start thinking about what to call this kid.


I went to Union High School yesterday during lunch time. I love talking with students at their school, they act different than when they're at church. The only problem is that I feel really old when I'm there. I think it's a good thing though, for me to feel a little of what it's like to not "fit in." To all my students- thanks guys for letting me invade your territory and not treating me like a complete dork.

Today I am going to Starbucks. I will share a "verona" press with my good friend, and shepherd, and middle school minister, Victor. Yea, that's right he's a shepherd and a middle school minister. I challenge anybody anywhere to find a cooler combination than that. Oh, yea, did I also mention that he's a grandpa and his favorite band is P.O.D. Love ya' Victor.


I really enjoyed this article by David Schimke in the City Pages, "The Mall Where You Talk to God."
David is an "outsider looking in" on a mega church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. When I say I enjoyed it I don't mean that I neccessarily liked or found great pleasure in reading it, but rather that it made me stop and think. Thinking is good I'm told. As we, young ministers, re-evalute (sometimes daily) why we do what we do, we need to be challenged, provoked, questioned. We need to stop and think. God didn't call me to build a church, run a church nor "to make sure the church promotes excellence." I'm pretty sure I was called to love Him and love others. I hope my "church work" is not getting in the way.

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