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OK, so I'm really still just figuring out how this thing works. The one thing I have decided is that for blogs to work you got to write something down. Well, not an easy thing for me. I'm not really one to jot down my thoughts on paper for others to read- well, actually I've really never been very good at writing at all. But most likely very few folks will read this anyway . . .so what's the big deal. Hey, just give me some time, be patient, maybe eventually something worthwhile will show up here. Hey, by the way, I hope you dont' count off for spelling- not too good at that either.

Hope this is a relaxing and refreshing holiday season. Spending time with people and having converstion is of extremely high value these days. Don't miss the opportunity. My Christmas wish? More time with my wife and kids, a preaching minister for our church, lots of cool books and CDs to blow my mind and give my more headaches, stimulating conversation with anyone, and world peace (not a joke.)

Taking a que from my new, good friend Wade Hodges, here's the shows, music and books I've really been into this year. (No particular order.):
Survivor (Have not missed a single episode since it began.)
Monday Night Football

Ragamuffin Gospel (Brennen Manning) -the third time
A New Kind of Christian (Brian McClaren) -this one definately blew me up
Connecting Your Journey With the Story of God (Dave Livermore) -Dave take's Sonlife's Strategy of doing ministry like Jesus and applies to any culture and/or context
Walk On, The Spiritual Journey of U2 (Steve Stockman - How cool is this? Way cool!
The Wisdom of Tenderness (Brennen Manning) -another great Manning read
Starting Right (edited by Chap Clark) -a good theological look at Youth Ministry; Chap's thoughts are very interesting
Messy Spitituality (Mike Yaconelli) -a great read if you can tolerate Yaconelli
Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer) -second time; what a wild story; adventure, soul searching, bad decisions; very cool

Books I'm eagerally anticipating-
The Post Evangelical (Dave Tomlinson)
Adventures in Missing the Point (Brian McClaren & Tony Campolo)
Chap Clark's book documenting his reasearch into the life of the "real American adolescent"

CDs and Music-
A Place Where You Belong (The Normals)
Greatest Hits 1990-2000 (U2)
Not to Us (Chris Tomlin)
Fidelis (John Sherrill Band)
Pearl Jam
Linken Park
J-Lo (or "Jenny from the block" if you prefer)


well, here it goes. i just find my way into the world of blog. more to come....

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